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    A J Systems Painters Pack Brush Set Pack of 6

    £13.99 incl VAT
    Synthetic Filament Brush Set includes 2 x 1 1/2inch, 2 x 2inch, 1 x 3inch Brushes plus a free 2inch Cutting-in Brush. Ideal for use with all paints.

    Autolock Tape Measure 8m

    £3.99 incl VAT
    This tape measure can reach up to 8 meters in length which is 24ft, it has an auotlock function. Wrist attachment that can be used when holding and keeping a safe grip incase it was to be dropped. On the other side it has a clip that can be handy when clipping onto trousers on a job site.

    Bonda Decor Fill Multi Purpose Filler 1.5kg

    £14.34 incl VAT
    Bonda Decor Fill is a 2 part multi-purpose polyester filler with rapid hardening properties for filling and repairing. Bonds strongly to wood, metal, concrete and GRP. Made from fine particle sized fillers, the surface when sanded is fine and dense.Bonda Decor Fill hardens with a

    Cane Adam Alaska Synthetic Paint Brush Set Pack of 6

    £11.94 incl VAT
    Wooden Beavertail Handle Untreated  100% Synthetic Head Squared Stainless Steel Ferrule With a wooden untreated beavertail handle for comfort and grip and a stainless steel ferrule meaning no rusting. The ferrule is square edged to create a definate shape and accuracy in

    Cane Adam Premium Caulk White 380ml**

    From £1.20 incl VAT
    *This product is now discontinued - While Stocks Last* The Facts about DWP Caulk... To achieve a longlife performance a vital ingredient is Acrylic Polymer, DWP Premium Caulk has: More Acrylic Polymer & less powder filler. Smoother, freer flowing Acrylic Sealant. A 12% joint movement capability. Classed as a Construction

    Crown Trade Clean Extreme Matt White 5L

    £34.79 incl VAT
    Durable and long lasting, high opacity, super scrubbable matt finish for interior use. Ideal for high traffic areas.

    DWP Supacover White 10L

    £16.79 incl VAT
    DWP Supacover Contract Matt has been specially developed to provide a high opacity finish ideal for new plaster. For interior use only.

    Everbuild All Purpose Powder Filler 1.5kg

    £5.70 incl VAT
    All Purpose Powder Filler for both interior and exterior use, with added PVA for extra strength. For repairs to plaster, brick, stone, wood, can be nailed or screwed when dry. Quick setting, non-shrink.

    Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks All Direction 500ML

    £5.49 incl VAT
    An insulating foam sealant that fills, seals and insulates gaps and cracks both inside and outside. It has an easy to use applicator and creates a durable, airtight and water resistant bond.

    Gyproc Easi-Fill 45 10kg

    £23.95 incl VAT
    Gyproc Easi-Fill 45 is a gypsum-based product for filling and finishing joints. It is easy to mix and sand down. It has a working time of 45 minutes and a second coat can be applied after 80 minutes. Ideal for drywall.

    Hamilton Prestige 7 Piece Roller Set

    £8.29 incl VAT
    Hamilton Prestige 7 Piece Roller Set with 5 medium, 1 long pile 9' rollers and a screw-fit soft grip cage frame - Continuous fibre fabric for reduced fibre loss and fast and even coverage - 1

    Hamilton Prestige Mini Bucket 6L

    £1.99 incl VAT
    This multi purpose 6 litre paint bucket is strong and durable. It has a measuring scale, incorporated ladder hook and ribbed interior.

    Hamilton Prestige Roller Set 4"

    £4.79 incl VAT
    Hamilton 4" prestige roller set has great paint pick up and ideal for an excellent finish on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. Supplied with: short arm mini roller frame and 10 4" sleeves.

    Hamilton Prestige Woven Roller Kit

    £7.99 incl VAT
    Hamilton woven roller kit comes with medium roller refills for great paint pick up and finish on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. This kit includes: 1 x 9"x1.1/4" medium pile roller 1 x 4" medium pile roller 1 x 4" short arm mini frame 1 x 9" tray 1 x 4" tray 1 x 9"x1.1/4 comfort grip cage frame

    Johnstones Covaplus Vinyl Matt Brilliant White 7.5L

    From £21.00 incl VAT
    Johnstones Covaplus Vinyl Matt Brilliant White 7.5L

    Johnstones Trade Gloss Brilliant White 2.5L

    £18.95 incl VAT
    Oil based, professional, gloss finish for interior and exterior use on woodwork and metalwork

    Johnstones Trade Stormshield Pliolite Brilliant White 5L

    £45.59 incl VAT
    Premium quality, excellent adhesion, smooth matt finish for all-year round decoration of exterior masonry surfaces.

    Johnstones Trade Undercoat Brilliant White 2.5L

    £18.95 incl VAT
    Excellent adhesion, high firm build, matt finish for interior and exterior use on wood and metals

    Mirka Hiomant Abrasive Paper P40 50m

    £23.94 incl VAT
    Suitable for sanding by hand or light machine, Hiomant offers effective stock removal and sanding results, combined with long term durability thanks to excellent edge wear resistance and minimal clogging.

    Osmo Wash & Care 1L

    £10.00 incl VAT
    Highly effective, quick and easy interior floor maintenance

    Polycell Stain Block 1L

    £15.59 incl VAT
    Permanently covers a great number of different stains, such as nicotine, soot, rust, grease, ballpoint pen and lipstick. Treats stains caused by water, nicotine, soot, graffiti, grease, wax and rust. Can be over painted in approx 10 Mins. For interior use only.

    Polycell Stain Block 500ML

    £11.99 incl VAT
    Permanently blocks and seals problem stains, dries in 10 minutes. For interior use only.

    ProDec Revolving Caulking Gun 400ML

    £4.99 incl VAT
    A trade quality heavy duty caulking gun. This gun has a rotating barrel to allow for smooth application. It is suitable for use with 400ml tubes.

    Toolkit Spirit Level

    £1.99 incl VAT
    A spirit level with a magnetic base. Three vials suitable for horizontal, vertical, and 45° appications. Accuracy: 0.057° = 1mm/1M.

    Toolkit 10 Assorted Elastic Straps

    £4.16 incl VAT
    Manufactured using high quality rubber cord with steel hooks. TUV/GS approved. Contains: 4 x 4mmø x 250mm 2 x 8mmø x 600mm 2 x 8mmø x 800mm 2 x 8mmø x 1000mm Sizes are approximate, unstretched and can vary during production.

    Toolkit Mains Tester 120-250V

    £1.25 incl VAT
    Used to determine live terminals of electric circuits within the voltage range stamped on the handle. Tester will not illuminate if placed in contact with neutral or earth terminals, or if supply is dead. Always check bulb is working by using tester first on a live circuit. Never touch the un-insulated part of the blade when testing.

    Upol Easyfill 1.1L

    £9.99 incl VAT
    Upol Easyfill is a 2 part filler which is easy to sand, shape and mould in both interior and exterior surroundings. This product can be used on wood, masonry, metal and concrete.

    Upol Fastfill 1.1L

    £9.99 incl VAT
    Upol Fastfill is a 2 part filler which is dry in just 10 minutes in both interior and exterior conditions. This product can be used on wood, masonry, metal and concrete.

    Upol Toughfill 1.1L

    £9.99 incl VAT
    Upol Toughfill is a 2 part filler which can be drilled, nailed or screwed in both interior and exterior surroundings. This product can be used on wood, masonry, metal and concrete.

    Werner Box Section Triple Extension Ladder 8 Tread 5.76m 72324

    £107.99 incl VAT
    The 72324 2.41m Triple Box Section Extension Ladder has an extended height of 5.17m. With box section profiles, the stiles are designed to ensure the ladder is lightweight but strong. Features include manual thumb operated locking catches to prevent sections separating and slip

    Zinsser Ceiling Pro 5 in 1 Matt White 2.5L

    £24.99 incl VAT
    Zinsser Ceiling Pro 5 in 1 is based on groundbreaking paint technology that effortlessly provides a perfectly finished ceiling every time. It adheres to any surface, seals stains (including water and smoke stains), primes and finishes whilst bridging hairline cracks. Dries to a flat white, non-yellowing finish. In addition Ceiling Pro 5 in 1 contains a biocide that protects the dried coating against fungal degradation, prolonging the life of your painted ceiling. These outstanding features combine with a 1 hour recoat time, low odour and ultra low VOC content. Application is by brush, roller or spray with coverage up to 10sq/m per litre.

    Zinsser Perma-White Interior Matt Satin 5L

    £47.99 incl VAT
    A washable anti-mould paint for interior walls and woodwork. Prevents the growth of mould and mildew for up to 5 years.


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