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    Blackrock Contractor Knee Pads

    £6.05 incl VAT
    Basic knee pad that provides moderate protection against impact and hard surfaces, reducing wear on the kneecap. EVA material, lightweight and durable with velcro fasteners, for use in construction, maintenance, civil engineering and general trade sectors.

    Blackrock Foam Internal Knee Pads

    £3.92 incl VAT
    Neoprene foam knee pad inserts, specially shaped for easy bending. For use with our standard and ProDec bib and brace and trousers, which are fitted with internal knee pockets. Gives all day comfortable protection when kneeling down. Sold in pairs.

    Blackrock Knee Pads

    £3.47 incl VAT
    100% polythene Blackrock branded kneepads provide ergonomic protection and comfort. Fits internal pockets on Blackrock Pentland Trousers, Aviemore Trousers and Decorators Trousers.

    Blackrock Premium Gel Filled Knee Pads

    £8.40 incl VAT
    Shock absorbing gel provides superior comfort and protection than traditional polythene knee pads. Gives excellent protection to the kneecap against impact and hard surfaces. PE moulded elevated turtleback shell for improved stability and movement, two sets of adjustable straps with

    Roughneck Knee pads

    £2.40 incl VAT
    The Roughneck Knee Pads are made form 100% Polyethylene with an ergonomic shape for comfort and flexibility. They are the perfect fit for the Roughneck Holster trousers and can be used with other similar work trousers.

    Knee Pads

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