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    Irega is well established as Europe's leading specialist manufacturer of adjustable wrenches. A dedicated wrench manufacturer, with total control of its own production plant in Spain, Irega has gained an enviable reputation - anticipating and meeting the needs of its customer-base: plumbers, electricians, maintenance engineers and fitters; by focusing its resources on the development of new technology, new manufacturing techniques and new product development.

    Not only does Irega manufacture very high quality adjustable wrenches, in excess of the rigorous demands of ISO 6787, but also stringent independent Swedish tests reported the company's wrenches consistently outperform other leading brands, notably withstanding higher torques and lasting considerably longer.

    The selection of top quality Chrome Vanadium steel for precisely monitored manufacturing processes, including: heat treatments; plus surface grinding and coatings; results in a product range noted for durability, high performance and reduced wear. It is Irega's total commitment to quality, in support of the practical requirements of professional tradesmen, that has led to the company achieving sales of over 2,000,000 adjustable wrenches a year!